Thursday, January 22, 2015

Upcoming on ML's Many Reads

As I navigate myself through how to blog, I am constantly thinking of different ideas for posts, challenges for myself and ways I can make it unique for me. Because I read such a mixture of genres, I want to be able to represent that here in ways that extend from just basic reviews. In only a few short weeks I have already learned so much and have had the opportunity to connect with some amazing people. Today I wanted to share some upcoming ideas I have for this blog and the direction I hope to take it in. 

There are two new segments I will be working on and adding to the top page list:

1.       ML’s Adventures In… 
2.       ML’s Bookish Travels

In ML’s Adventures In.. I will document different things that I am trying out or learning how to do. For my first post I will chronicle my attempt to learn how to crochet. There are several books I will use as my guide, as well as tutorials and patterns from online. In the future I will also include my adventures in trying different recipes, from the cookbooks I own, but are collecting dust. The opportunities are endless really. It will be a great way to motivate me, not only to try new things but, to complete projects that I start. 

ML’s Bookish Travels is where I will document any book related travelling I do. There are so many books set in wonderful places that I am longing to visit. Unfortunately this won’t be a segment I will be able to update on a regular basis, due to expenses. However I am looking forward to exploring places near and far and sharing it with my readers. 

At the end of each month I will do a wrap-up post, where I will look back over the past weeks and reflect on my reading progress. I will list my books and pages read, as well as show my favourite for the month. In this post I will also include a list of upcoming books from my TBR list. 

In the future I hope to update the layout for my blog, but for the time being I am just happy that I have been able to figure out what I have. Ha! 

I would love to hear feedback from those who read my blog. Do you have any suggestions? Advice is greatly welcome.


  1. What fun topics!
    I keep telling myself I will learn to crochet, since there are so many amazing things to be made.

    1. Thank you Amanda! Just trying out something different. I'm really enjoying croceting. Its actually easier than I thought it would be. Especially since I'm left handed lol.