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I am currently accepting book requests in exchange for honest reviews. I always make sure that any books sent to me are top priority on my To Be Read pile and are completed in a timely fashion.



  1. Hi Melissa, my name is Larry Rodness, an author of 2 previously published novels, requesting a review on my newest novel entitled, “October 32nd”.
    Synopsis as follows:
    October 31st. The quaint little town of Elora, Ontario has held its annual Halloween festival for the past 50 years but this year it takes a terrible turn. A young boy nearly drowns while bobbing for apples. Shortly after, a group of children are attacked by a flock of crows. Local eccentric, Missy Claridge, senses a mysterious connection between the two incidents and warns the town officials to postpone the upcoming festivities. Unfortunately her premonition is ignored and later that evening, all the children in the village suddenly disappear. The townsfolk are baffled. Soon, every person becomes a suspect as residents frantically try to discover what happened to the children and how to get them back.
    Please let me know if there is interest and what kind of file you’d prefer.
    Regards, Larry

  2. Hello Melissa!

    My name is Meaghan Curley and I'm a huge fan of your blog! I'm emailing about possibly getting a book review for my upcoming debut "Girl: Repurposed" which is currently available for preorder on Amazon and will be expected to be released through Cosmic Teapot Publications on September 28th. The novel, a New Adult Contemporary Satire, is centered around Tranquila Obiit and her interactions with the Greek Gods as well as the inhabitants of the Underworld after she becomes an employee of Hades after being tricked into selling her soul by her easily-annoyed and forever salty grandmother, Grandma Sobriquet. It is a satire on Greek Mythology as well as the American Dream that'll engage readers regardless of gender or God-status.
    I'd appreciate your honest review! Thanks in advance.