Saturday, January 24, 2015

ML's Adventures In... Crocheting Pt. 1

ML’s Adventures in.. is a new segment I am introducing to my blog. It will feature different things that I intend to learn and try. Examples may include: crafts, recipes etc. 


For my first Adventure, follow along as I attempt to learn how to crochet. Years ago I learned the basics of knitting. I have since made simple scarfs and a hat. I do plan to return to that hobby, but first I want to try out crocheting. There are so many beautiful handmade items available from scarves, mittens, socks, blankets, sweaters. I would love to be able to make some things for myself because after all there is nothing like homemade. 

To begin I decided to check out good old Amazon to see if I could find some free eBooks for beginners. Because I had no idea how to start, I wanted to find the most basic step by step manuals that I could find. Here are the books I decided to check out:

Lucky for me, when I decided I wanted to take up this hobby Christmas was just around the corner. So when my Mother In Law asked me what I would like for Christmas, I told her that I would like a book for beginner crocheting. Not only did she find me a book, but she gave me the correct sized hook I'd need and yarn as well. Here is the book I received:

Now I'm all set to begin!

Check back again soon for another post, where I will begin with the first book in my pile: Crochet for Beginnners: The Basics on How to Create These Hand-Crafted Creations by Mary Fuller

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