Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Obituary Society (The Obituary Society, #1) by Jessica L. Randall

The Obituary Society
By: Jessica L. Randall 

Published: 2014
Published By: Kindle Edition
Format Read: Kindle for PC
Genre: Mystery, Chick-Lit, Contemporary
Date Read: August 16, 2016

Rating: 3.5/5

At twenty-four years old Lila Moore is left to plan her beloved Grandfather’s funeral, which brings her to his hometown of Auburn Nebraska. The very same hometown in which he abruptly left many years prior. Although a charming place where everybody knows each other, Auburn holds some dark secrets that shroud Lila’s family and their home the she inherits. While she begins to renovate the Depression era house she begins to get to know the townsfolk, including a group of her Great-Aunt Ada’s friends who call themselves the Obituary Society. She also befriends a local handsome lawyer and an awkward single father. When strange occurrences begin happening to Lila at the old house, she learns that not all her new friends have the best of intentions.

I was initially attracted to this novel by its title; The Obituary Society and the eye catching cover image of a woman holding a delicious-looking dessert.

Jessica L. Randall’s humorous writing style and the descriptions of Auburn immediately drew me in. I loved the cozy tight-knit community and its colourful case of characters. Great-Aunt Ada’s friends in the Obituary Society were among my favourite characters and they sure proved the devotion to their friendship. I only wish they would have had a bigger part in the story.

Although I found the mystery interesting, I didn’t particularly like the supernatural occurrences and felt it took away from my enjoyment in this novel. There were also a couple of instances involving bird attacks that made me feel very uncomfortable.

Setting those specific points aside, I found The Obituary Society to be a quick and engaging novel that I would recommend to fans of chick-lit. 

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