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Week of August 31: Stacking the Shelves with eBooks

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews

 Normally I don't do posts for the books I add to my Kindle for PC, however seeing as how I discovered several freebies via Book Hub, I decided to do one.

Here is what I added to my TBR:

Fires of Alexandria by Thomas K. Carpenter

Synopsis from Goodreads:
The greatest mystery of the ancient world remains the identity of who set fire to the Great Library in Alexandria.

One hundred years later, Heron of Alexandria--the city's most renown inventor and creator of Temple miracles--receives coin from a mysterious patron to investigate the crime. Desperate to be free of the debts incurred by her twin brother, she accepts and sets in motion a chain of events that will shake the Roman Empire and change the course of history forever.

 Murder in the Kitchen by Kennedy Chase

 Synopsis from Goodreads:
Book 3 in the Harley Hill Women's Sleuth Cozy Murder Mystery series.
Amateur sleuths Harley and Cordelia leave their posh London home for the wilds of Scotland where hijinks ensue. As a favour to aunt Maggie, they’ve agreed to help run a murder mystery event in a remote mansion. 

But when a friendly dog leads Harley to a body, it’s clear Harley has a real murder mystery on her hands. And to make matters worse, a ferocious blizzard keeps them trapped inside.

With a motley crew of guests, including a paranormal investigator who believes the Frazier estate is cursed, Harley has to uncover the dark secrets of the guest’s and the mansion’s past if she’s to discover the killer. But what she discovers will rock the Frazier house to its very foundations.

"I love Harley and quick wit. I wish she and Cordi were my friends. I can't wait to read more about their adventures."

 Sins of the Mothers by Caryl McAdoo

Synopsis from Goodreads:
 Persistent faith brings redemption and reconciliation.

Propelled by blind love, Mary Rachel Buckmeyer defies her father to elope with Caleb Wheeler. The newlyweds run off to California then partner with his cousin in his dry goods business.

Unbeknownst to the young bride, her new husband sends his kissing cousin ahead. He wants his love and his new wife’s money, too. Betrayal and murder drive Mary, soon a young mother, to the depths of despair. But she hates the man who loves her enough to cover her sins and deliver her out of the horrible pit she’s dug for herself in. Or does she?

Mary Rachel travels from frontier Texas to the raw bone boomtown of 1850’s San Francisco gold rush days, then all the way to genteel New York to find redemption for the sins of her mothers.

 The Seven Steps to Closure by Donna Joy Usher

 Synopsis from Goodreads:

 Tara Babcock awakes the morning after her 30th birthday with a hangover that could kill an elephant - and the knowledge she is still no closer to achieving closure on her marriage breakup. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that, not only is her ex-husband engaged to her cousin - Tash, the woman he left her for - but that Jake is also running for Lord Mayor of Sydney.
Desperate to leave the destructive relationship behind and with nothing to lose, she decides- with encouragement from her three best friends - to follow the dubious advice from a magazine article, Closure in Seven Easy Steps.

The Seven Steps to Closure follows Tara on her sometimes disastrous- always hilarious - path to achieve the seemingly impossible.

 More Ketchup Than Salsa -Confessions of a Tenerife Barman by Joe Cawley 

Synopsis from Goodreads:
 When Joe and his girlfriend Joy decide to trade in their life on a cold Lancashire fish market to run a bar in the Tenerife sunshine, they anticipate a paradise of sea, sand and siestas. Little did they expect their foreign fantasy to turn out to be about as exotic as Grimsby on a wet Monday morning. Amidst a host of eccentric locals, homesickness and the occasional cockroach infestation, pint-pulling novices Joe and Joy struggle with 'Brits abroad' culture and learn that, although the skies might be bluer, the grass is definitely not always greener. Dubbed 'Little Britain with a suntan', More Ketchup than Salsa lifts the lid on the morning-afters as well as the night-befores of life in a busy holiday resort. A must-read for anybody who has ever dreamed about jetting off to sunnier climes.

 Have you added any new books to your shelves this week? Leave me a message in the comments. 

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