Friday, September 25, 2015

Making Room for New Shelves

In my apartment I have 3 individual sets of book shelves. A wall mounted set of three in my bedroom, a tall shelf in my living room and another shelf that is really made for DVD and CD storage. They are all full. So full that I have a large bag in the corner full with books that I’ve added to my collection in the past year, but haven’t read yet. This pile is driving my boyfriend nuts and he has been complaining about them for some time now. Thank goodness eBooks don’t take up physical shelf space, or I’d be in trouble ha! Then there are all of my textbooks from college that I left behind at my parent’s house when I moved out. 

All of the clutter is starting to get to me and I have been putting off reorganizing for quite a while now. Well I guess I am at the point where I am fed up and feeling in the mood to get started. As a way to keep my motivated to get the task done, I have decided to share my progress with my readers. In turn I will finally be able to post my long promised shelf tours. 

This journey in organization is also opening the door for me to expand my blog topics from mostly books and reviews, to lifestyle posts. 

As I type this I am starting to organize my bedroom to make room for a new much needed bookshelf. I can’t wait to be able to sort through all my books and organize them in a more presentable way. This is especially important to me for the shelves in my living room. 

As I mentioned step 1 is beginning with my bedroom. Not only am I going to make space for the shelf, but I am going to do a purge as well. Drawers, closets, under the bed and every nook and cranny. Now is the perfect time for me to go through everything. 

I’m sure many of you can relate to running out of shelf space and wanting to be better organized. If you have any tips for purging and organizing I’d love to hear from you. Do you have a system? If so how do you go about it? 

Well here goes nothing. I am ready to jump in and get started. Wish me luck.
Stay tuned for my next post, where I will start to share my progress and tips as I go along.  


  1. Good luck!
    Shelf space is one of the reasons I switched from physical copies to ebooks... I had to start putting books in cupboards!
    Best of luck with the new book cases. One this I hate is throwing out/giving away books! :( It's heartbreaking! Last time I did it I was moving house... Gave about three black bags to a local charity store who was short on books... it really hurt! They were so happy though :)
    Have a great day,
    Amy x

    1. Thank you Amy! Oh I have a collection of eBooks as well, ha. I hate having to get rid of books too. But I was able to purge a pile as I started sorting through and organizing my shelves. I plan to do a post about that at some point.
      Hey at least you did a good deed by donating to charity. :)