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Taming the To-Do List by Glynnis Whitwer

Title: Taming the To-Do List
Author: Glynnis Whitwer
Published: August 2015
Published By: Revell
Format Read: Kobo, eBook, ARC
Genre: Self-help, Christian
Date Read: September 13 2015

Rating: 3.5/5



I received an ARC copy of Taming the To-Do List by Glynnis Whitwer from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

About the Book:

When author Glynnis Whitwer, a working mother of five realized that she was burning out from a hectic schedule she decided to do some soul searching. Turning to God and her Bible, for guidance she came to the realization that her go-go-go lifestyle was having a negative impact on many different aspects of her life. Even though she was always busy (too busy in fact), she still identified herself as a procrastinator. She found that she would keep pressing the most undesirable of her tasks to the back of her list and in turn let certain duties fall to the wayside. Part confessional, part self-help book, Taming the To-Do List explores the different reasons why people procrastinate and offers tips for creating better habits. Included are activities that encourage the reader to examine their own reasons for procrastination and work towards overcoming it. 


My Thoughts:  

As I read the introduction I thought to myself, this is me! I’ve always known I was a procrastinator but I am only now beginning to see how it is affecting my life. This book spoke to me before I even got to the first chapter. I found myself reading paragraphs and sentences and saying to myself “Yes!” Yes, this is how I feel when I look at the big picture. As Whitwer says it gnaws at my conscience. 

 The Pro's:

The way Whitwer described her own struggles keeping up with her to-do list was a great way for her to connect and relate to her readers. This also showed how the research she did into procrastination wasn’t just for the sake of writing this book, but for her own personal well being as well. Knowing that this was a Christian based book, I was pleasantly surprised so see the inclusion of some scientific facts relating to the topics at hand. The written activities for the readers at the end of the chapters, offered me a great way to reflect on my own problems and gave me a better view of the whole picture of my life.

The Con's:

I knew going into this book that there would be references to the Bible and Christian beliefs, after all Revel is a Christian based publisher. To be honest I usually don't request to review their non-fiction books because the content tends to be a bit heavy for this non-religious reviewer. However when I read the synopsis of Taming the To-Do List, I decided to go for it, in hopes that it wouldn't be too heavy and that I would be able to learn some great tips. While I did take some tips away with me, I did find myself pulling away during parts that mentioned God's Will and sin. This lead for me to settle on a 3.5 star rating and not a higher number.


I would recommend Taming the To-Do List by Glynnis Whitwer to its intended audience: Christian woman who are looking to get a hold of their own hectic schedules. 

Notable Quotes:

“It hasn’t controlled all areas of my life, but its impacted me enough that I finally said no. No to the lies that tomorrow would be easier. No to the fear that I’d look like a fool. No to the threat that my best wasn’t good enough.”

“And I also finally said yes. Yes to addressing the underlying issues of my procrastination. Yes to being brave enough to face some weak areas. Yes to hard choices that bring my responsibilities under control.”

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