Thursday, January 28, 2016

Full House by Maeve Binchy

Title: Full House
Author: Maeve Binchy
Published: 2012
Published By: Orion
Format Read: Paperback
Genre: Contemporary, Short Story
Date Read: January 4, 2016
Rating: 3/5

Dee is a hardworking mother of three and wife of 24 years. She wakes each day before the sun rises to work as a house cleaner, then she returns home to cook and clean for her family. Money is tight during this time of recession, but between her pay and that of her husband Liam’s, they make do. Then Liam gets some bad news; his long time employer was bankrupt, leaving him without a job. Dee knows that some major changes must be made and it starts with her three grown children. Rosie, Helen and Andrew are all living at home on a free ticket. They don’t pay any rent, help with housework or cook their own meals. In Maeve Binchy’s short story Full House, readers follow Dee as she attempt to open the eyes of her spoiled children. 

Full House is part of Galaxy’s Quick Reads collection that promotes reading and literacy in the U.K.

Quick reading:
As I was searching through my local library for shorter books to add to my pile for a read-a-thon, I came across these Galaxy Quick Read books. Their length (just over 100 pages) and the size of the font, made for a great choice for anyone looking for a quick, but entertaining story. This collection is a wonderful way to get people to read without having to commit a lot of time to the task.

The story:
Dee loved her family and worked very hard to make sure they had the best life she could give them. She came from a different generation that was taught respect and discipline, unlike that of her children. While Dee was an admirable character, her three children definitely were not. To be honest I found Rosie, Helen and Anthony to be spoiled and ungrateful. Thankfully there was a lesson to be learned and keeping that thought in my head kept me reading. Despite these characters the story was entertaining and kept my attention.  

I would recommend Full House to fans of Maeve Binchy. Also to those looking for a light and quick short story. 

If you are interested in learning more about Galaxy Quick Reads, click to the link below:

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