Friday, August 28, 2015

August Nature Box

I received my August Nature box at the beginning of the month and just took our time sampling each of the snacks. Here is a lame picture of what I was sent (hah):

A:  Apple Pie Oat Clusters:  I gave this snack a 3/5 rating as I found them to be just ok and probably won't add them to my list again. I hoped that they would be more soft than hard and crunchy.
B: Chocolate Banana Chips: Another 3 star rating. These chips didn't have a lot of chocolate flavor as I had expected. It was basically banana chips with a batter type dusting (for lack of a better description). Personally I prefer just plain banana chips.
C: Probiotic Power Mix: I'm not a lover of cranberries because I find them too tart, however these didn't have such a strong taste, so I was able to enjoy them. The yogurt covered fruit was pretty tasty as well.
D: Mini Belgian Waffles: I was surprised to see these in my box this month as they are usually sold out. The tiny waffles were more like a cookie in crispness and they can be paired up with many different things like ice cream or yogurt.
E: Sweet and Salty Nut Medley: This was my favourite treat in this months box. The nuts were salted and had a honey flavor. I'm looking forward to getting this snack again.

Overall this months box wasn't as satisfying as July's. However I am enjoying trying out new healthy alternatives. I'm looking forward to seeing what will come in September.

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