Sunday, November 1, 2015

Monthly Wrap-up: October 2015

Month in Review is a monthly meme hosted by Kathryn at Book Date

One of my favourite months of the year has come and gone and the holiday season is coming up fast. Unfortunately I didn't get out to enjoy the crisp fall weather as much as I would have liked, thanks to an on and off flu bug that moved into my apartment. I think its safe to say that is has moved out again, thankfully.

This past month may not have been very eventful, but I did have a great reading month. I completed a total of 7 books, which is a good number for me. I read some great books, two of which I rated 5 stars.

Read in October:

  1. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (Rating: 5/5)
  2. Hardy Roses: And Other Stories by Maeve Mullen Ellis (Rating: 3/5)
  3. The Imposter (The Bishops Family #1) by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Rating: 5/5)
  4. Pane and Suffering by Cheryl Hollon (Rating: 3/5)
  5. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells (Rating: 4/5)
  6. Hellen Keller in Love by Rosie Sultan (Rating: 3/5) REVIEW TO COME
  7. Merry Mary by Ashley Farley (Rating: 3.5/5) REVIEW TO COME
The Stats:

Favourite Book of the Month: The Imposter
Favourite Setting: Stony Ridge (The Imposter)
Favourite Character: David (The Imposter)
Longest Book Read: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (458 pages)
Shortest Book Read: Merry Mary (98 pages)
Total Number of Pages Read: 2010
Total Number of Fiction Books Read: 7
Total Number of Non-Fiction Books Read: 0

My TBR for November is a bit ambitious. I have a feeling that this will be a busy month, so some of these will likely carry over to December, but thats just the way she goes, right? As long as I get my required reading done and participate in the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon, I will be happy.

I hope you all had a wonderful October and a Happy Halloween. What did you read this month? Did read any 5 star worthy books? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a message in the comments.


  1. I have Mitch Albom's new book on my 'ToRead' list. I hope you are feeling better and the flu is gone for good.

    1. Thank you Pat. I hope you enjoy the new Mitch Albom book. I'm not very far into it yet, but so far I am really enjoying it.

  2. Love how you list your stats, to note which character you liked the most and fav setting. Great idea. Nice to have two 5 star reads as well.

  3. I see you liked Pane and Suffering less than I did. I can certainly see your star rating. There were certainly parts that dragged. I hope the next one is a little tighter.

    1. Yes, it was just ok for me. Kept my interest but wasn't amazing. It will be interesting to see how the sequel is approached.
      Thanks for stopping by, Mark.