Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beautiful Blogger Award and Personal Update

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from Soudha from Of Stacks and Cups, saying that she had nominated me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award”. How sweet is that? So I’d like to send her a very big thank you, and apologize for taking so long to respond. I will talk a bit about that later in this post though. 

Here are the official rules for the Beautiful Blogger Award:

1.Link to the blogger who has nominated you
2.List 7 random facts about you
3.Nominate 7 creative, beautiful bloggers
4.Nominate the people you nominated

1. I’m a truck driving, country music fan.
2. I am celebrating 5 years healthy, after a decade of heart problems.
3. I am a cat mom to a cute little boy named Nova.
4. I am a night owl, so most of my blog posts are done after midnight.
5. I’m afraid of birds and other winged monsters.
6. I prefer winter over summer.
7. My favourite colour is purple. 

As I am still fairly new to the blogging community I am still getting to know people. The one person who I seem to be in contact with the most is Soudha (Of Stacks and Cups), so I am just going to re-nominate her today. To anyone else who reads this post, you are all beautiful too.

Personal Update:


Unfortunately I haven’t been posting much or as active online as I would like to be, lately. I have several posts that I am preparing, but have yet to finish. A couple of weeks ago I started having sciatica pain, which means that I’ve been spending a lot of time laying on the floor. Between taking pain meds, alternating between hot and cold packs, and trying to sleep it all off, I haven’t really done a lot of reading. The past couple of days I haven’t been in as much pain, so I’m hoping that it is going back to normal. Every so often it acts up again though. Hopefully this week I will be back with more blogging and making reading progress again. 

Hope you are all well. Stay tuned for my post on the Nature Box trial subscription coming soon.


  1. I hope you'll feel better very soon Melissa. It's okay to take a little break from reading and blogging from time to time ;) Pamper yourself :) Also I wish you many more decades with a healthy heart.

    1. Thank you! Its been feeling much better today and I'm even getting caught up on my reading and blogging too.