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Secrets of the Old Ladies Club by Nan Tubre

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Title: Secrets of the Old Ladies Club
Author: Nan Tubre
First Published: Feb. 2013
Published By: iUniverse
Format Read: Trade Paperback
Genre: Contemporary, Humor
Read: Feb. 9 2015
Rating: 5/5




I received a copy of Secrets of the Old Ladies Club by Nan Tubre from a GoodReads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

Secrets of the Old Ladies Club follows 5 young at heart friends who live in the Heritage Memories Retirement Village. Regina and Donna, are the mothers of the two men who created the village and their friendship goes back to the time of the Viet Nam War. Next is bold Stella and loyal Bethany, who grew up together in New York. Lastly there is sweet Cicely, the youngest of the group. All financially secure, the women decide they would like to do something to help people, so they create a secret company called the OLC (Old Ladies Club), where they build financially affordable housing for those in need. However this isn’t the only secret they keep from others and each other. When Donna’s ex-husband moves into the village, their peaceful existence is turned upside down. 

Although the synopsis interested me from the moment I entered this giveaway, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to relate to the characters in this book. My reason for this is because I am quite a bit younger than the 5 women are. However once I began reading the book, I knew that I wouldn’t have any problem at all. I was so entertained from the first page until the last. In fact I couldn’t put it down. Labelled as humor, there is much more to this novel than that. I would think it would better fall under the category of contemporary. The pace of the writing was good and the plot never lagged, making it a quick read. This is definitely one that I will read again.

I would recommend this book to anyone who believes in friendship, whether they are young or young at heart.

                “Just because a person qualifies for a senior citizen discount doesn’t mean life is over!”
                                                                                                                     Regina pg. 69

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