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Death of a Dog Whisperer by Laurien Berenson

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Title: Death of a Dog Whisperer
Author: Laurien Berenson
First Published: August 2014
Published By: Kensington
Format Read: Trade Paperback, ARC
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Read: Feb 27 2015
Rating: 3/5

I received an ARC of Laurien Berenson’s Death of a Dog Whisperer as a bonus to a giveaway winning book, from the publisher. 

Death of a Dog Whisperer is the 17th novel in the Melanie Travis series by Laurien Berenson. It follows a dog lover who has a knack for solving canine related mysteries. In this installment Travis is on the hunt to uncover the truth regarding the death of a dog whisperer by the name of Nick Walden, a man she was introduced to by her ex-husband Bob. 

I admit that I was reluctant to read this because I try to stay away from books with animals in them. The reason for this is because I am a sap and they normally break my heart. Lame, I know but that’s me. I decided to go ahead and read it because it is considered a cozy mystery, a genre that is known to be light and easy. I have not read any of the previous books in the series and although it did make reference to past cases for the most part Death of a Dog Whisperer could be considered a stand-alone. The pace of the writing moved along well making it a quick read. It was nice to read about a crime solving woman who is actually smart and has a head on her shoulders, instead of an air head who gets herself into the same situations time and time again. Example: Stephanie Plum. Judging from what the reader learns of Melanie Travis’s past, it is clear that her live has progressed and changed over the many years this series spans. I believe this is wise on the author’s part, otherwise it would become stale. The mystery storyline itself kept me interested however it wasn’t as exciting and action packed as I had hoped, which leaves me undecided if I will go back to read more of the series. 

I would recommend Death of a Dog Whisperer to cozy mystery and dog lovers alike.  

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