Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Unbearably Deadly (Roger and Suzanne South American Mystery Book 9) by Jerold Last

Title: Unbearably Deadly (Roger and Suzanne South American Mystery Book 9)
Author: Jerold Last
Published: December 2014
Format Read: PDF, Kindle Edition, eBook
Genre: Mystery
Date Read: May 9, 2016
Rating: 2/5

I was sent a copy of Unbearably Deadly by Jerold Last from the author in exchange for an honest review.

When a former CIA couple is killed in an alleged bear attack while on vacation in Alaska, detective duo Roger and Suzanne take up the case. Set in Denali National Park, Unbearably Deadly is a closed room type of scenario due to the remote location and limited access to outsiders without permit. Aside from the mystery, readers follow along as Roger and Suzanne take in the sights around the crime scene and in Anchorage.

When the author first approached me with the chance to read and review his book, I was initially interested in the Alaskan setting, as it is one of my top bucket list destinations to visit. As a fan of mysteries I was interested in that side of the story as well.

Last went into great detail when describing the Alaskan setting. The reader is given a very clear image of the surroundings especially in the National Park. Not only did he describe the climate, wild life and landscape, but he gave a detailed history of the park as well. This was definitely the strongest part of Unbearably Deadly and what kept my interest to continue reading.

Unfortunately these descriptions of the setting greatly overshadowed the mystery. It left little space to expand on any background information that might have been pertinent to solving the crime of what really happened to the deceased tourists.

I tried not to dwell on grammatical errors, but there were times where inconsistencies in the plotline and repetitive unnecessary dialogue became difficult to ignore. Although I kept reading I felt less invested in the story.

Unbearably Deadly is a mystery that had the potential to be a decent read, however the execution has hindered it to be so. 

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