Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Nature Box

My October Nature Box arrived in the mail in the first week of the month. They are always on time with their deliveries, which is great.

Here is a picture of my latest order, with a little help from my little guy. He thinks that it is full of treats sent just for him..

Here is a list of the goodies I was sent:

  • Honey Crunch Crisps (3.5/5 Perhaps I will try these again)
  • Whole Wheat Chocolate Animal Cookies (4/5 My favourite snack from this box)
  • Golden Apple Tea Biscuits (4/5 These were crunchy, cookie type biscuits.)
  • Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops (3.5/5 I received these in the September box but forgot to rate them on the Nature Box website. They are alright, but I don't think I'd get them again.)
  • Banana Bread Granola (3.5/5 Not as good as I hoped it would be but not terrible. I don't think I'd get this one again though.)
All in all this box wasn't my favourite from this subscription. Like I mentioned I am able to rate each snack on the website. There is also a feature where you can choose which snacks you are sent each month, but I really like being surprised.

Hopefully next month will be a little bit better. I have been toying with the idea of cancelling my subscription in an effort to save money, but I think I may hold off for a little while yet.

For more information on Nature Box check out their website: 

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with Nature Box. I am just a regular paying monthly subscriber who likes to share my reviews with my readers.


  1. Sounds cool! To be fair, the packages do look like cat treats :P I can see why he thinks that, he he. I like the sound of the golden apple tea biscuits, sound brilliant for dunking :3
    Great post! I love it because it's different.
    Amy x

    1. You are right, they do look like cat treats, lol. I think the biscuits would be great with a nice cup of tea.
      Thank you Amy! :)

    2. No problem :D I was just thinking of this post actually and thought I'd pop on by. I'm just wondering *a bit random* if your cat has tried to steal any yet? lol. If he's anything like my cat he'd definitely try to :P x

    3. Aw, thank you for thinking of my post Amy. That is very sweet of you. He did try to run off with a bag as I was taking the picture, but he didn't get very far lol. Cats will be cats, right?