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The Choice (Lancaster County Secrets #1) by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Title: The Choice (Lancaster County Secrets #1)
Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
Published: January 2010
Published By: Revell
Format Read: Kindle for PC, eBook
Genre: Christian Fiction, Amish Fiction, Romance
Read: March 31 2015
Rating: 5/5

After the sudden death of her father, Carrie’s plans to run away with beau Sol are changed in favour of raising her younger brother Andy. Angry with her decision, Sol leaves her and their faith behind for a chance of becoming a baseball star. Meanwhile, Carrie concerned with the future and well-being of her brother decides to marry a young man named Daniel and become baptised into the Amish church. She and Andy move onto a new farm with Daniel, his father and Grandmother Yonnie. In a bid to get to know the man she married, Carrie learns of the past Daniel was trying to run away from back in Ohio. The Choice is the first book in Suzanne Woods Fisher’s Lancaster County Secrets trilogy. It is a fast moving story filled with romance and faith. 

The author sure doesn’t waste any time getting into the plotline. The first chapter alone gives the reader more information than other books I have completed in the past. In fact I think a better name would have been The Choices. Tragedy keeps occurring at every turn. I can see how this may seem like too much for some, but for me I was so lost in the story for this to bother me. 

The characters were interesting and complex. My favourites included sweet and innocent Andy and Yonnie who certainly spoke her mind. Especially the witty comments she made about the bishop and his “backed up plumbing”. 

As a newer fan of Amish fiction, I just get so wrapped up in learning about the plain lifestyle and beliefs. I find it touching how the community comes together when a member is in need. An example of this from The Choice is an old fashioned barn raising. Everyone comes together to do their part. This is the true meaning of community, in my opinion. 

I would recommend this book to not only fans of Amish fiction, but to those readers who enjoy a story with meaning. Even a non-religious person like myself could see the hope and wisdom in this book. I am looking forward to reading the other two books in this trilogy: The Waiting and the Search.  

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