Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cat Thursday: February 9 2017

Cat Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by True Book Addict

Because what goes better with books than a cuddly kitten? Not like I need an excuse to share pictures of my little guy, but its nice to be able to connect with other cat lovers. 

Here is the latest picture of my Nova.. 

A photo posted by Melissa Lee (@melissaleesmanyreads) on


  1. What an interesting coloring your cat has on its nose. Like costume or a showing it has some secret, feral, big cat in its genes.

    1. In some lights it looks like his mouth is stained. But on closer look, you can see an orange colour. His mother was a stray orange tabby. She was bigger in weight, but Nova is definitely taller in the legs. No idea what kind of cat his dad was/is.

  2. Adorable. I love how he is crossing his paws. So elegant.

  3. Nova is a handsome guy! So happy to have you join us for Cat Thursday, Melissa. :-)